The Relationship Reboot


The Relationship Reboot


Awaken to a new level of love, connection and intimacy with your partner 

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In The Relationship Reboot, I will share with you TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS that will REBOOT your relationship in 6 weeks. Learn how to reconnect with your authentic self, clear old blocks that may be preventing you from intimacy, nurture the bond in your relationship and connect with your partner in a whole new way. In 6 short weeks you will go from AUTOPILOT to INTENTIONAL and be operating on a whole different level in your partnership. 


Each week you will receive a new video module and a workbook, which will help you solidify the teachings. The course is geared to allow you to reflect, recharge, reprogram and reconnect. 

REFLECT- You'll identify limiting behaviors, become clear on where some of your patterns come from

RECHARGE - You will start a daily practice that instantly recharges your body, mind and spirit.

REPROGRAM - Using the body and the mind we will work to reprogram the limiting behaviors and beliefs so you and your partner can create new habits and operate from a more authentic place.

RECONNECT - Through various exercises you will learn to connect with your partner in a whole new way. 


MODULE 1 - The Honeymoon Phase Is Over… Now What? 

MODULE 2 - The Dance of Intimacy: Balancing between separateness and connectedness 

MODULE 3 - I am never upset for the reason I think I am- Identifying old programming and intimacy blocks

MODULE 4 - The Right Way To Fight - How to disagree productively and preserve the bond 

MODULE 5 - Fill Yourself Up- Tools for self-study, self-care and self-love to help you remain true to yourself in your partnership

MODUE 6 - Nurturing the Bond - Deepen your love and connection and honor your partnership